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The Badgers M/C is one of the older District 37 (AMA) motorcycle clubs still racing in the desert. First established for members of the Los Angeles Police Dept. and their families. Later it was to include other law enforcement agencies, including firefighters and friends with a like passion for the sport of motorcycles. Throughout the year we have several family outings with lots of play riding & the swapping of lies around the campfire. One such outing that has become a tradition is the thanksgiving weekend.

Since 1973 the Badgers M/C have hosted an off road motorcycle race within District 37 (AMA). The first race was a Hare and Hound held near Red Mountain Ca. The Badgers M/C have also held Hare Scrambles, Hare Hound Team Races, and of late have been putting on European Scrambles near Ridgecrest CA. This race has become a traditional Mothers Day event.

In (2001) the race was held on Mothers day, May 12th and 13th in the Red Mountain area (Southern California) off Hwy. Trona Road at an area known as Charlie's Place, (Near Ridgecrest CA). This was a Dist 37 "Best of the West" race and a sanctioned AMA desert race. A kids race was held on May 12th at the conclusions of the regular races.

The Badgers Motorcycle Club has been active in AMA and District 37 activities over the years. Our members have held positions in D37 of President, Treasure, Secretary, Director at Large, Board of Directors, and also Steward. We have also participated in several desert clean ups and have had fund raisers for Rescue 3. In 1987 the Badgers M/C was given an award from D37 for having put on the best desert race of the year.

Badgers MC 45th Anniversary Mothers Day Cop Out

Best of the West dual European Scrambles Desert Race

May 10 & 11 2014

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Tom Yates (805 438 5007); Mot Myhrvold (661 269 1096); Steve Williams (661 304 0722)

Certificate of Recognition given to the Badgers MC on May 9th 2009
May of 2009, This was the Badgers 40th anniversary as a motorcycle club. A club photo was taken at our annual Mothers Day race
This is the flyer that was circulated by the Badgers M/C advertising our first desert race, a hare and Hound near Read Mountain on May 20th 1973. Check out our first logo.
We all know of Charlie's Place, now known as Wagon Wheel Off Road Staging Area, but do you know the whole story? Click here to find out how Charlie's place came to be.
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Badgers M/C is a charter club
President: Jay Wickers ( 661 242 2712) Referee: Tom Yates (805 438 5007)

For information regarding the Badgers M/C contact: Jay Wickers (661 242 2712) or Dick Postma (661 816 4954)

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